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, but they will be subject to having to pay for obama care mandated bells and whistles. >> so how much more -- sorry, i keep jumping on you. that seems read to those at home. but if that happens and they keep their coverage, how much more would they have to pay for that coverage? >> well, it depends on your employer size and all of that. some employers are having to pay a few percentage points more, others are having to pay double digit percentage rates, increases in their premiums in order to have coverage. the smallest firms are the small firms that are subject to the mandate, i should say, are probably going to be the most adversely affected. the smallest firms don't have to offer coverage in the first place. p they can just put their workers on the exchange if they want to. >> all right. chris, thank you very much. again, what this means, folks, just to put it in layman's terms, if you promise something for nothing and assume that if you want to cover 30 million uninsured american, you want to put the kids on the policy up they're 26, you want to cover pre-existing conditions, all laudable goals, it ain
with obama care, the problems with the exchanges, they really can't be fixed by google and this raises several points. weren't they supposed to have the tech experts making the website to begin with and if they couldn't do it in 3 1/2 years, how are they supposed to do it in one month as the president has promised? >> what does that mean? you seem to be saying the tech site -- delays notwithstanding, the hospitals that don't want to be part of it or even the cleveland clinic where weeks earlier they had 3,000 workers because of it. this seems to be >> absolutely. i think the worst is yet to come. you know, what we've seen is there's already been 2 million insurance cancellations thus far. to be honest, it affects me personally. >> how so? >> well, my mom had health insurance, plan for quite some time. she was very happy with what she had. she liked what she had. recently unfortunately she just lost her policy. she's very distressed about it. she's very frustrated about it. and she's looked into these exchanges and it's higher deductib deductibles, higher cost, less access and worst car
whenever breaking news changes everything. >>> now you see her, now you don't. the obama administration taking down the smiley face lady and replacing her with this. but maybe it's time they replace her with this. ♪ >> welcome everybody, happy or not so happy monday. i'm neil cavuto and this is your world. now there's talk of rebilling the whole darn thing. >> i know they called in another private entity to try to help with the security of it. the problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system. the way the system is designed it is not secure. >> and an enter rebuild in a few weeks. that's what they're talking about. to web experts, who say not a chance. so, you're looking at this and saying, that is just not feasible. why not? >> it's very difficult task to accomplish. they've taken months, if not a year or so to even build where it is today. if they're thinking of rebuilding it from scratch, just thinking 0 month, building the whole thing, it's a herculean task. >> they saying they don't want to scrap the whole thing and can do this in a few weeks, just sort of, i guess, bui
a man as barack obama, the first african-american president, you can trust him, but your litany was damning. so many promises made so many promises broken. not his personal morality but institutions, about laws that he helped to pass and then lied to us about. and that is a grievous difficulty. i'm afraid we're saying to young people around the country, if the president for the sake of political expediencey can lie about everything, then everything is up for grabs. there's no standard versus what you promise and what you believe. its breaches trust and it's a great sadness. >> even if they were not deliberate lies, which is a stretch because this has been the pattern on 0 part of many. if you're selling a signature piece of legislation and the notion you can keep your doctor, keep your coverage, and then a lot of people are coming to find, no, i can't, or retirees are finding they're being jettisoned on to exchanges. and the people who created this new that was a possibility, and steny hoyer said that was something they saw coming but didn't say it. they would be in a long confe
. the govern former presidential candidate saying the difference is this, had president obama lends the lessons millions would not lose the insurance they were promised they could keep. millions more would not see their premiums skyrocket. we've got dr. ben carson joining us right now. dr. carson, what do you think? >> well, i think the president is an excellent campaigner and he certainly knows how to paint a picture that's very rosy and to neglect all the problematic proble parts. i would say if the plan is so good, why force everybody into it? you know, think about many years ago when automobiles first came out. a lot of people were very opposed to automobiles and they said i'll stick with my horse any day. but you know, the government didn't come along and said everybody has to buy an automobile. they just allowed things to happen. people did eventually say yeah, you know, automobiles are pretty good and kept improving. why do you have to force people to do something if it is so good? these are things that we have to think about. i think our founding fathers would be horrified if th back an
york city. >>> yesterday president barack obama defended his signature legislation despite millions of americans will be kicked off their current health plans. instead of an apology for campaigning on the promise that would not happen period, the president offered simple advice. go shopping for a new plan. >> so if you're getting one of these letters, just shop aroun
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6